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"Deep Inertia started as the brainchild of Scott Elliott, Creative Director and Developer. After pitching the idea to produce a video game to tell the story of John Renton it quickly became apparent that our story was one that needed to be told through multiple mediums. Our love for graphic novels and 50s pulp fiction style art lead to us to start developing a comic. As PickLock Games grows and expands to deliver creative media to people it needs support from the community to back our rather large ideas. Below is how you can help us make these dreams a reality. We value all support, no matter how big, to see this happen. Thank you in advance." - The PickLock team


Whats in it for you?
If you become a patron, you'll have access to a range of cool ways to be involved in the development of our game 'Deep Inertia', as well as the comic book we are producing to go alongside it. We have tiered options, ranging from regular photo updates of the development, videos from the team, early access to comic art panels and other goodies. For those who help us out through some of our higher tiers, we also open up our development for community feedback, letting you shape the development of our game and comic book. Check out our Patreon page (link below) for more detail on our rew
ards scheme.

Why did we choose Patreon?
The time has come and whilst we have been bootstrapping to develop our beloved creation, the time has come for our team to get more people involved, not only from the community but also from new team members. We have been long time Patreon supporters, to be able to continue developing our passion we are looking to our community for patronage. By becoming involved through Patreon you are helping to fund new work as well as new team members, letting our artistic vision grow and flourish. Your assistance is used to further develop the game, rather than to support our daily lives, so you can be sure we are making the most of the opportunities our community is providing us!