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In a country leaving science and reason behind, favoring celebrity, money and greed, John Renton, Chief Scientific Advisor to the President rebels against his government in secret.


But when a discovery is made deep underground in the mountainous reigns of Central America, John will challenge his very beliefs to understand it's scientific  and societal ramifications. John will hold the interests of his own country, and the world in hand, in a story of excitement, loss, grief, tribulation and fear. testing John’s moral fiber, his faith in science and his understanding of the universe.

Deep Inertia is an decision based narrative game with linear progression that changes depending on the choices you make. It’s completely hand modeled, painted and textured and will be multi-platform. You play as John Renton, an antagonized and tortured scientist working for the President of the United States. The game follows John as he uncovers the mystery behind a discovery made deep underground in the middle of Central America. The player is forced to choose, based on their own moral compass, the decisions that will affect interactions, friendships and outcome of the story.

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