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An introduction to PickLock Games and our project – Codenamed ‘Deep Earth’

June 19, 2017


Welcome strangers to our grand introduction! This is our first post outlining who we are and what we are doing here on this blog, and on the project (codenamed ‘Deep Earth’). This blog will hopefully give you an idea about who we are (all 3 of us), and what we are working on as our first video game project.



Codenamed ‘Deep Earth’


Let us formally introduce our game – codenamed ‘Deep Earth’. We don’t want to give away the title just yet, because the book is presently in the works too! The short novel by Scott started it all, and has lead us on a journey of discovery.


Deep Earth is a story driven exploration game, in development through the Unity platform. We are currently in the prototyping phase at the moment, but we have big plans should things look good by the end of this phase.


Science! This game is all about science, religion and morality. You play as John R, a lead government scientist who’s life has taken a turn. His experiences and thoughts, as well as those of his friends and co-workers guide him through the decisions he must face in story. He will see travel and exploration, feel horror, sadness and confusing, all the while painting his travels with his own cynical brand of humor. Other characters will be playable too, and we plan a fully voiced cast!

We haven’t found the perfect character design for John just yet. But the below concept art has been progressing.


As well as those of his best friend and co-worker Raymond C, and his secretary Maggie K.


We want the player to feel the moments of triumph, desperation and existential confusing that John and others will be experiencing, so we will be exploring John’s life, his secrets and motivations and delve into the depths of his moral code.



We plan to have a working prototype going soon, then to broaden it out into a high quality playable demo to take to the gamers to try themselves.


Who are we?

PickLock Games is comprised of three IT professionals working and living in Australia’s capital city Canberra. Two Agile Coaches and one Project Manager.


Scott is the storyteller and 3d modeler. An Agile coach/Business analyst who has been playing with 3d modeling and game design for years. He has worked on virtual reality, pc game design and has far too many hobbies.


David is the visionary and project manager. He can see a good idea from a mile away (or approximately 1.60934kms). David has 10 years of ICT delivery experience, including in transformational IT projects. He plans to utilise his skill set to deliver a high end and enjoyable game. He will also be working in code and 3d design.


Sean is the technician and principle developer. (not pictured). Sean has 10 years in Agile development, including large scale ICT applications and custom built solutions.


That just about does it for this blog entry. Keep watching this space for more blog entries to come as we continue out journey.

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