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It’s Deep….

June 28, 2017

“It was still too early for the suns first rays to beckon the hustle and bustle of DC, and for the fourth consecutive night in a row, john had fallen asleep clutching his golden bottle of whiskey. Too sober to have fallen into a deeper sleep, his subconscious mind listened to the garbage-men on their rounds down 19th, slowly painting them into his dreams.” – Ch.1 The Call


It’s getting busy at Picklock Games. We recently completed the storyboard and design concepts for the end to end, playable prototype!


That night we decided to pair program and develop an entire scene and quickly produced several prototypes of the apartment complex in which John lived. We discussed a lot of different apartment styles that represented some of the awesome places we have stayed in Washington D.C


By 11:00pm we were grateful for Probuilder! (that is one hell of a tool) for the time it saved building rooms and also many arguments on regulation height entrances for elevators (aka ‘lifts’ here in Australia). The paired programming itself was an rewarding experience as we caught lots of bugs early in our scripting and managed to trace the source of a misbehaving camera that had alluded David previously in the night.


Work on the novel has recommenced and with Game of Thrones just around the corner we must be channeling George R.R. Martin as we now think the complete Story of John.R is going to be a trilogy (we promise to actually release it though…. :P). The first book is now half written with our plot points full developed.


What has our next prototype sprint got in store? We are aiming to have completely playable scenes with rich textures, materials and basic gameplay incorporated.


Until next time

– D

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