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In the build - Sprint 6 - 'The Artist'

September 20, 2017

Say hi to the team!

It has been a busy time for PickLock Games over the last month! We have been modelling and designing within game scenes as well as focusing heavily on our social media and web presence in general in preparation for our big PAX Melbourne game reveal next month! We also now have a website, which is where this blog will be calling home from now on.



Penny Arcade Expo Melbourne beckons, and we are answering the call by covertly slipping an exciting game reveal flyer into each and every showbag at the event. We are revealing the title of our first game, which up until then has been dubbed the codename: Deep Earth. Scott and David will be attending personally in order to check out the Indie scene and see how the big leagues play.


Our flyer design contains some cool elements that hark back to the good old days of video game box art, as well as an awesome comic book style front. We're excited to let you see it on the day of the event, and will have some promotional versions to give away.


Development in photographs


Engaging artists

Building a game with just three people can be difficult and slow-going, so we have been reaching out to talented communities of artists to help us out. We have been working with the talented Pulp Artist Grego Pulp (link to his work here) for concept art. He has done an amazing job conceptualizing our main character John Renton.

Grego also created the art for our game poster which adorns the front of our PAX flyer. Soon he will be starting on our next 2 character designs, so stay tuned for more characters soon!


The composer

There is a certain feeling we want to convey in the game, and music has a lot to do with drawing out the right emotions at the right time. We were fortunate enough to have been engaged by a talented composer to have a go at some of our musical scores for the game. Sigurd, of MusicBySIGURD (check him out on YouTube and Instagram) has just finished the first score, and so far his work has been amazing. He does work with a lot of game developers on this scene, so don't forget to show him some love!



3d modelling can take time and effort to get right. The three of us are improving every day, but we are also on the lookout for the right 3d modeller to keep the momentum going. We are trialing a modeller to work on a character model of John Renton for the game, and are reviewing our backlog of 3d object requirements in order to go out to the artist community for the right person to jump on in.


Making a cool panorama for your skybox

So one thing we played with over this development cycle was designing our own skybox panorama. We had already acquired a great skybox collection, but wanted to add some extra detail to get our scene into gear. To do this we scoured the internet and purchased some beautiful photographs of mountains and performed some clever editing.

By removing the background of the photos we could quickly drop them onto the skybox cloud scene we had working in Unity.

And soon we had a wrapping panorama that we could slice up into 4 pieces to make the 4 sides of our 6 sided skybox.

Check out the video here on Instagram. You can also see it peaking through the treeline in some of the images earlier in the blog post.


Game developer meetup

Canberra, Australia has a terrific Indie Dev scene, and we try to check out the game progress as often as we can. Last week Scott and David went to the monthly meetup of CanDev and listened to a candid presentation on a recent game release by Cardboard Keep.

That's all for now, we have some work to get back to!

Scott, Sean and David.

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