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Hand Painted World - In The Build

January 31, 2018

Hey everyone!


It's been a while since we last posted, but worry not, we have been hard at work on our first level in the new art style. We've come great strides in character mechanics, environmental and character modelling and hand-painted artistry.


Our first scene in development will give us the technical framework to build new scenes with ease and speed, whilst maintaining a consistent look and feel across user interface mechanics and art style. We have chosen to tackle the deep underground cave system that features heavily in the game Deep Inertia.

This scene introduces a playable character - Carlos Rosales, a 23 year old Salvadorian. This has given us a good chance to trial our new art style in both character modelling as well as painting. Check out Carlos below.

Carlos is completely hand modeled, painted and rigged, a process that takes considerable time and the efforts of 3 people in an art workflow that we have been perfecting. Working with people all over the world to achieve this is quite a process, but we are very pleased with the results!

Carlos currently resides in our prototype cave environment, which is presently in its first phase of detailing with all-custom environmental models, courtesy of KMB3d and Josh on the team.

Equipped with a number of tools to help him navigate the (soon to be) dark cave system, he will need to rely on his wits and courage to make it through. Along with this scene and Carlos we have been developing an intuitive UI system, sticking to simplicity as a rule for the player's environmental interaction and inventory systems. Keeping it clean and simple enough to let the story tell itself without too many distractions.


And here is a sneak peak of the environment in progress :)


One the other hand our comic book for the first chapter of Deep Inertia is progressing well! We are nearly at the half way mark, and have begun booking a booth at Sydney OzComicCon to spread the word and the first chapter!


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