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The Missing Link (Part 2)

September 22, 2018

Following on from part 1...


And then there were some newbies!

We will blog about these dudes sometime soon.


Now back to the comic. Many things need to come together before a comic is ready for printing. Throughout the process we went through 4 proof printing runs, letting us adjust colour balance and brightness, frame positioning, spelling (seriously, even 5 spelling reviews can’t beat a good old-fashioned digital spell check) and story. We took on a professional comic editor who found all the mistakes we had missed (a lot!) and finally, after 9 months we printed ourselves the final proof. Of course, nothing says final like a duplicate page right in the middle of the comic book. Classic!


For ComicCon we have a simple plan. It isn’t about selling the comic (though we will be offering it for sale there, and in comic stores and online from then onward), it will be about getting our name out and building a following. If we take anything away from the event (which is at the end of the month of writing this blog) we hope that it is a large increase in genuine social following - people we can engage with and learn from. All the months of trial and error and many thousands of dollars spent to reach this goal were just experiments in our company’s strategy. We learned a lot from Pax Melbourne 2017 (check out our post-mortem blog here), and this next iteration is the culmination of that learning.


We created two massive banners for our 3x3m booth - super proud of those!



And printed 5000 copies of Deep Inertia Chapter 1

It was awesome working with a professional printer who could help us every step of the way. Would recommend for anyone wanting to break into the comics world! Any holy crap - that's a lot of comics (and a pallet) to accept at a residential property!



The plan for ComicCon Sydney is to entice people with a new trailer and exchange a copy of the comic for social media following and a subscription to our mailing list. We noted long ago that marketing is half the game for start-ups like ours, so the big sell needed to be significant. We are entering ComicCon later in the month with the assumption that people want a good deal and are interested in a genuine indie comic.


A $6.95AUD ($3.99USD) comic for free, and all they need to do is join us and keep up with our journey. There are dangers in this approach of course! We love our comic, it is a work of passion and we want to do even more to continue the tale but giving something away for free can de-value it, and sometimes so much as to make it undesirable. Only time will tell. But if you are at ComicCon Sydney this month, why not say hi and grab one? It is a totally serious comic, born of almost a year’s efforts, blood sweat and tears (but those aren’t included).


MVP (That’s minimum viable product)


Now is the final stretch. Our amazing team are learning the ways of the modern IT industry, and we hope this experience will allow them to find an exciting role out in the world (with glowing resumes perhaps 😉 ) Our goal now is to continue telling the story whilst building a community of followers eager to get their hands on the first cut. We’d like to show the world chapter 1 and entice people with a game that they might want to keep playing. After that, the remainder of the game would be in our sights and a full game, available on Steam and through consoles would be absolutely shmick!


We operate in a Lean Agile fashion, so we aim to be able to build, test and learn from our game incrementally and on a regular basis, so if you are interested to see how we do things, get a backstage pass to our inner workings and see our dev vlogs early, please take a look at our Patreon page 😊


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