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Meet the crew
Sean G

Sean has 10 years in Agile development, including large scale ICT applications and custom built solutions. He is a professional developer, capable of coding up high quality solutions in no time. He is also skilled in a range of digital platforms, and also brings graphic artistry skills to the PickLock Games team.

David S

David can see a good idea from a mile away (or approximately 1.60934kms). David has 10 years of ICT delivery experience, including in transformational IT projects. He plans to utilize his skill set to deliver a high end and enjoyable game. He works in code and 3d design and handles components of marketing and promotion for the PickLock Games team.

Scott E

Scott has been playing with game development for years, and more recently has produced VR and AR showcases for government. He works as a Scrum Master or Agile Coach within IT teams, but enjoys designing and programming in his spare time. He is the creative director here, and writer of the novel being used as inspiration for PickLock Games' first title - Deep Inertia.

Josh G

Josh is a first year student at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment studying game art. He is experienced in 3d modeling, texturing and lighting. He is the Lead game artist / dev and will be providing the team advice and consultation.

Lyn-Dae B

Lyn-Dae is a 3D Generalist who studied at UCA Rochester University. She’s been a freelancer 3D artist since 2014. In her spare time she likes to create sculptures of her friends, playing video games and learning languages. Before graduating she gained a job as a demonstrator for a well known video game company and still continues to do so to this day.

Grego P

Grego is an adept artist, scriptwriter and comic artist, who studied at the School of Art and Design of Castellón (Spain). He has been a freelance illustrator since 2012. He spends his time playing with his son and drawing covers, comics, pinups, posters, t-shirt designs, etc. Before freelancing he designed decorations on ceramic bases, and environments of info-architecture for construction companies.

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